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Behind the Bloom #6


In stock

  • Rita Baunok Photography
  • Inkjet print on vellum
  • Size: 20″ x 16″

In stock

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Size: 20″ x 16″ framed (9″ x 6″)

About “Behind the Bloom” Project:

This project is rooted in personal history and creativity and also includes elements of visual and conceptual research.

My consternation regarding light inspired this work. I have been living with classic migraines with auras for more than thirty years. I have feelings of ambivalence; as a photographer, I capture light and create my art using light; light is the tool and the language of my self – expression but light can trigger my visual hallucinations.

One night my husband, who plays the clarinet, was listening to a Beethoven trio. The theme was coming back so often that the repetition irritated me a lot and I felt very annoyed. It made me think about repetition and pattern variations, how they affect us so deeply and what they can achieve in art.

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