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For Gergo 2


In stock

  • Rita Baunok Photography
  • Inkjet Print on paper
  • Limited edition
  • Size: 10” x 8”

In stock

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Size: 10” x 8” (unframed 6” x 4 1/2”)

Artist Statement – For Gergo

In the last few years I have become extremely aware and conscious of visual andnon-visual patterns and repetitions appearing and reappearing in my own life. When I look around I see repetition and pattern everywhere. Repetition can give us an uneasy feeling but can also bring comfort and create a sense of well- being and contentment.

Human vision is comprised of duplications. We see two similar images with our eyes and the brain understands them as one. This repetition is also important to feel space and to recognize three dimensions.
The practice of photography is inherently repetitive multiplication. In most cases, taking a photograph is duplicating something by capturing and imprinting the light that was reflected from its surface onto film or a digital file. Photographers’ work — taking a picture, working on the image and making a print — is continuous repetition.

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