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The Cycle III


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  • Bruce Dunbar Photography
  • Photopolymer Gravure Print on Gold Leaf
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  • Size: 14” x 11”

In stock

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Size: 14” x 11” (unframed 5” x 3 3/8”)

Artist Statement – The Cycle

The capturing of an impression, an inescapable essence of what once was, the invisible force through which matter changes – the state of flux in which all organic matter is caught. It is the process of change which affects me; the subtle fluctuation between emotional and psychological changes, compounded by the shifting effects of the interconnectedness of environment and nature. These things intertwine with beauty and truth, and in that braiding, I look for the subtle transformations and transcendental qualities, the gaps, the in-betweens. It is this evolving space I acknowledge and attempt to capture.
It is the question of what is occurring in these “in-betweens” that concerns me, the things we don’t see, the subtexts – so fleeting as to be nearly invisible. To me, these are overlooked truths, signs of underlying patterns in the internal and external life cycles. In this evolution and devolution are moments of beauty.

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