Delah Brucelli

Delah Brucelli is a global entrepreneur and award-winning artist who resides between New York City and London.

Brucelli is an International, classically trained, fine arts painter whose work explores the intersection between fine art and new media. Whether creating allegorical stories, brush-free abstracts, or mosaics of poured color, Brucelli has created her own style of “artistic alchemy” – a combination of the mixing of materials, the stillness of images, and the movement of spirit.

By using different techniques, Brucelli aims to create a multi-dimensional space within her art that elevates the viewer to contemplate and transcend the physical.

Brucelli was Awarded Best in Show by the IFDA for her collection titled Transcendence in Movement at the 2015 Architectural Home Design Show in New York City. Her works are also in the show penthouse of Hudson Yards, NYC, and private collections both in the USA and Europe.

Instagram: @delahbrucelli