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Robert Anthony Spinazzola

Robert Anthony Spinazzola was born at Harper Hospital in Detroit in 1952. He received an Associates degree in Liberal Arts from Macomb College in 1972 and then received his B.A. from Wayne State University in 1977. While at Wayne State, Robert developed a passion for the visual arts. Enrolled in the Graduate School of Art History, he left after completing one semester to begin his creative journey. Without any formal art training, Robert relied upon artist friends, instinct and a few welding courses to launch his career in sculpture.

“In 1975 I began working in Cass Corridor, a tough but culturally significant district of Detroit, shaping and assembling discarded motorcycle and salvaged steel parts. The process has evolved into acetylene and electric welded constructions. I still choose to use discarded mechanical artifacts because I find them singularly precious and beautiful. Though I’ve lived in New York over 30 years, the subject of many of my sculptures involves the City of Detroit and its automotive-based workforce. These roots have never left me. This is my 46th year of making sculpture.”
—Robert Anthony Spinazzola, Bedford, NY 2021

Instagram: @Robspin52