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Cheval de Pelle


In stock

  • Robert Spinazzola
  • Recycled steel
  • Size: 11” x 16” x 3”

In stock

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Size: 11” x 16” x 3”

This sculpture, “Cheval de Pelle” was created from a section of “Le Grotte Cheval”, in 2018. The right side of Le Grotte Cheval was shortened 12” in length and one image was retained. Shortening the large piece added intensity to Le Grotte Cheval while also reducing the bulk and weight. The Cheval de Pelle image was welded to a recycled plate and shovel elements. This piece and its progenitor were created after a trip to France and seeing the reproduction of the images in the Lascaux Caves. There were ten different pieces from which I used salvaged steel from a junkyard to create my own “cave drawings”. Horses represent horsepower and that all stems from my Detroit auto centric upbringing. The PepsiCo Corporation along with two smaller wall sculptures purchased Le Cheval Grotte in 1985. In 2018, PepsiCo Corporation sold their building in Somers, New York where this large wall sculpture resided along with most of their large art collection. All the works were auctioned off and the money was given to charities. I was alerted to the auction and outbid several buyers to re-acquire it. Each element is heated and reshaped using an acetylene torch, hammered, stick welded and oiled.

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