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  • Jennifer Cadoff
  • Size: 12″ x 12″
  • Layered ink on watercolor drawings

In stock

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Jennifer Cadoff – Artist Statement
I make ink drawings on paper, often in series, ranging from miniature to monumental in scale. Built through the slow accretion of simple, repetitive marks, the drawings become abstract fields. I am drawn to the tension between order and disorder, micro and macro, density and vacancy. My fine-line markers have a tapered nib and generous ink flow; the hot-press watercolor paper is heavy, strong and smooth. The drawings are done freehand, testing the limits of concentration, revealing every wobble and hesitation, teetering on the edge of chaos, gaining a semblance of control through the grid, the square, the repetitiveness of the mark. Working large tests the reach of my arm across a single piece of paper, and tiling drawings together in sky’s-the-limit grids expands the work beyond the viewer’s peripheral vision and envelops them in the world of the drawing.

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