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Disparate Grey


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  • Rachel White
  • Size: 11″ x 11″
  • Acrylic on linen
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In stock

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I have fleeting infatuations with color combinations: colors which mirror my moods.

Beyond this genesis, I paint without concern for a specific outcome or composition. Rather, the artworks unfold within a theatre of strokes: elegant variegations, rivalry, and interference. Hues are carefully determined and mixed according to the interaction of existing layers. Thin, gauze- like swaths and large jagged sheets, give way to new tints and shades. Together they organize on the linen forming a dimensional, chromatic space.

The Summer/Fall 2023 works incorporate a base of deep plum. It is the proverbial rock. A character of depth and stability: a foundation. At times, its presence is foreboding, others animated as it suspends within the composition. Fuchsia plays an unpredictable role in many of the works as a vibrant disruption balancing the weight of the plum. With the presence of rust and ochre hues, the plum and fuchsia present a unique harmony.

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