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Homage To Leonor Fini (2)


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  • Sergey Stepanenko
  • Acrylic on canvas
  • 36″ x 60″
  • 1 of 1

In stock

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Artist Statement: HOMAGE

What is the HOMAGE series? Working on “Time Mesh” series, Sergey used details from famous paintings as an indicator of the Time. Working with the paintings of master artists, he came up with an idea of Homage direction or Series. Art is a very powerful and important element in our lives, our history, culture, and civilization. It concentrates all aspects of life and reflects the passage of time. Art always reflects common themes such as: harmony, love, life, and death. Different styles and periods are just languages, understood in that specific timeframe. Throughout his prestigious career, Sergey has always been intrigued as to why some art works are very powerful, some are less so, even if made by the great masters. In the Homage Series, Sergey took his favorite art works, applying his own interpretation of it, while changing the technique, including a free pallet knife style, using different colors (metallic paint among others), changing composition, and illuminating details. At times leading to abstraction, with respect, while keeping the original impression, and energy. Working on each piece is a learning experience, while understanding the soul of the painting, the master, and his technique. The new, more modern method of painting is a language, it is a translation of paintings form different times to the modern language. The process of this kind of work is fascinating and enjoyable experience for the artist. The Homage Series is for the people. Sergey is hoping that he was able to capture and bring to the modern viewers some energy from the masterpieces by such great artists as El Greco, Velazquez, Vermeer, Rubens, Bosch, Picasso, Rublev.

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