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  • Vanessa Pineda Fox
  • Size: 12″ x 12″
  • Painting
  • Acrylic, mixed media
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In stock

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The Calm and Serenity Collection – Artist Statement

The Calm and Serenity Collection was born from the need to do a 180 from the usual robust color palette my work is known for. I love working with color, but during this period, I needed to pull back and create something calmer, with a sense of reflection on the canvas, in words and spirit. Using creams, whites, metallic acrylics, resin, and new materials such as wall spackling and thread, I found this combination of materials hypnotic. The use of thread adds a texture so different from paint; it adds an energetic point of interest on the canvas, whether a straight line or a mass of loops coming in and out of the painting.

The reflective surfaces on my canvases use metallic acrylics, gold leaf metals, or liquid resin to add dimension and movement as the light hits the material. The results are left to personal interpretations that become multifaceted. I offer the viewer an uplifting vibe or emotional sentiment with each art piece to help center the soul. My handwritten messages within the paintings offer the viewer insight into my train of thought as I’m creating the work. In this day of uncertainty, I want to create something that makes someone smile and moves them.

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