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Nine x Nine/ 14


In stock

  • Norman Galinsky
  • Size: 13 1/4″ x 13 1/4″
  • Ink on paper

In stock

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Unframed Size: 9″ x 9″

Artist Statement:

My art has been inspired and informed by my background in science and engineering, an my ongoing interest and study of meditative and energy-healing disciplines like Qigong and consciousness explorations. I see my art as an embodiment and transmitter of energy, particularly energy with healing potential.

Using a vocabulary of abstract geometric forms and free-hand applied repetitive marks, patterns are developed that contain the energy and facilitate its flow. The compositions are created through an intuitive, meditative approach, a practice of focused attention and intention. The images suggest emissions of waves and particles, vibratory fields and networks. The work strives to bridge the space between the material world and a hidden quantum universe. Often sacred geometric shapes and proportions and converging circular forms are used to generate a central focus–a still-point–that represents a unity of consciousness, a merging of subject and object. My intention is to encourage contemplation and introspection and promote a sense of equilibrium. My images may be viewed as potential vehicles for connecting the personal space with the universal order, drawing one into a dialog with the present moment.

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