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  • Greg St. John
  • Size: 2″ x 30″ x 33″
  • Oil on canvas / wood backed

In stock

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“The Ethereal World Series”

The Ethereal World Series was born out of the Covid experience. Suddenly everything is different; fears of being infected, the unknown, the future and present all burred together.

I started doing a bunch of quick abstract paintings on paper looking for a new way to see this new world. After a few months, I began paying more attention to my daily routine of sitting on my porch at various times of day observing the woods around me and the small changes that I had time to witness. I was really not interested in painting some illustrative depiction. I wanted to find more of an emotional abstract interpretation. Ethereal can be about feeling light, air, emotion, whispering, heavenly, supernatural and surreal … I am taking the word Ethereal in using in a Poetic sense. This allows for the light, airy and the heavenly as well as the breathless, darkness and melancholy. Without one you cannot understand the other.

This series is an exploration of my emotions related to the landscape and the world around me. This is not limited to just trees, plants and definable objects but also changing world – planet that we are inhabiting.

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