Melissa Benedek

Melissa Benedek is a a Contemporary Artist who finds beauty and magic in her abstract creations. Born and raised in New York City, she was introduced to art at a very early age. Her father owned an art gallery in Soho and her mother, an Interior Designer who also curated various art shows. Given this combination, it was only natural that Melissa developed a true passion for art and design, as well as an intimate understanding of how they influence and inspire us.

Melissa studied at the Art’s Student’s League and Parson’s School of Design in New York City. Following her studies, she began a career as a Buyer for women’s jewelry and accessories. She was always drawn to anything unique and beautiful and enjoyed seeking out new talented designers. After having great success as a Buyer, she decided to start her own business. Her love for color combinations, textures and design, led her into becoming a Jewelry Designer. She created her own jewelry designs and an array of collections of unique and desirable jewelry. She had a following amongst celebrities and high-profile businesswomen.

Melissa’s direction today is based solely on her artwork. Her portfolio demonstrates her vision and passion for colors and textures. Her art features fluid brushstrokes that intersect, overlap and react with one another. This technique makes her pieces pop and come alive. She believes that art has no standard interpretation, allowing the viewer to have their own thoughts and feelings about a piece of art.

Melissa spends her time between New York City and Conneticut.

She is a member of the following art associations:

Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County
The Ridgefield Guild of Artists
Carriage Barn Arts Center
Silvermine Arts Center

Instagram: @melissabenedek_